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Wait you can mix different aircraft too, not just liveries? I haven’t seen that option. How do you do that?

The Final Countdown is a great movie. A fascinating What If story and some of the best (perhaps even only?) F-14 aerial cinematography outside of Top Gun.

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It is on version 2.8.1 (website beta/demo version)

Each time you spawn into a different addon and open the Airshow Assistant, it will show in the list when you click on the Wingman’s icon. You select scan to add the liveries you currently have loaded for the addon to it’s database. The aircraft and whatever liveries you load with it will then be available to select even when you choose to fly from a different aircraft from then on. OR, the method using the developer mode described in thealx2901’s reply a few posts up.

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Ah, okay. I have the Market Place version. I only took notice of this great little addon when I watched cgaviator’s Tornado video. Since it’s on sale for $2 now, I couldn’t possibly resist. :smile:

Yep, it was cgaviators video where I also saw that wingmen were added to the Airshow Assistant.

RE: Version 2.9.0

Whew, deleting the old file and updating to 2.9.0 from the website kept the database of addons and liveries I previously scanned - as was mentioned.

Downloaded the update last week. Wingmen seem much less “natural” now in their movements.

try to set ACCURACY to minimum, it has issue. will be fixed in tomorrow update.

Seem to have lost scroll bar in Xbox, and down/up controls seem usually to only control the plane (or down = gear down in my set up.

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Can anyone explain how you can have a different aircraft from the one you’re flying as your wingman?

First choose wingman 1

Scroll down

Click on the aircraft you want and choose livery

Select cover me

Thankyou muchly for this!

One issue I’m having…I’m not seeing all of the aircraft I own listed. Quite a few are missing. Even after clicking Add Missing Aircraft at the bottom, is there another way to get them to show up? I’ve tired resting FS2020 but certain aircraft just don’t seem to appear, anything from Flying Iron for example isn’t listed.

There is a post by thealx2901 in this thread, where he explanes how to add installed aircraft to the list by using “debug mode”.
Haven’t tried this myself but it should work.

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Hi there, some qeustions for the add-on:
Is there any way to use the flight control recored while flght play. (not live from msfs)
I have jumping plane all around the main plane/
how can I close the formation flight to each other they far away from each other/
Thanks Dylan appreciate reply

In the wingman section, there is a setting called “flight interval”.
Default is 50%. Lower this number and your planes will be closer together.
Use “flight formation” to change the formation of the planes. “stepdown” will change the height of the planes in the formation.

if you are asking about built in replay toolbar then yes - formation script does not work properly with it. somehow this replay tool does not update aircraft sim variables constantly, like it’s a hack that affects aircraft systems and flight model around of simconnect and sim variables system.
wingmen works better with 3rd party replay tools, like SkyDolly.

Hi, Sorry for my reply delay, Thnks for your help, very much appreciate.

I’m on Xbox and have owned the airshow assist since the day it was released on the marketplace.

It a fantastic addition on, and with each update goes from strength to strength.

I’ve noticed a couple of issues though?

Twin engined aircraft as wingmen only startup one engine. They second one won’t start up. Likewise, if you spawn one in flight as a wingman, only one engine is running.

The DC3 doesn’t seem to like it. If I spawn in as a DC3, I cannot select any other wingmen at all, bar the DC3 I’m flying, and cannot even change liveries. It’s only the DC3 I’ve found this problem with whilst trying to plan a D-Day flight.

Aircraft on the ground don’t stay on the ground. Once your engines are on and speed above say 15mph/kph, the wingmen aircraft all levitate and appear about 20 feet above the ground.

Would it be possible to have the trial formation in the air also?

These issue aside, its a fantastic addition to the SIM and adds a whole new way of playing. I love it.

Many thanks.


A note to those who plan to use the Airshow Assistant on Xbox with just a controller and no mouse:

It doesn’t work. The issue is more rooted in Flight Simulator’s “virtual cursor” mode than the add-on itself. The problem is that the virtual cursor and its clickspot is too bulky for Airshow Assistant’s UI. The window UI is too cluttered and everything is too small. The virtual cursor is just unable to reliably “grab” or click on any items.

Most of the time I couldn’t even switch to the Wingmen tab, because the cursor switched to the window movement/resize mode, so instead of clicking on the tab, it dragged the window. The same goes on at the sides. It’s not possible, or very hard to grab any slider because they’re too close to the window edges, and the cursor will resize the window instead grabbing the sliders.

The UI also gets extra cluttered after you press the “scan for available planes” button, it just lists everything without the ability to collapse or somehow browse that list. Very, very rudimentary UI and absolutely not fit for the game’s virtual cursor.

So I think until the add-on gets a complete UI overhaul it’s only recommended to use with a mouse. Otherwise it simply isn’t usable.

There’s a free mod on the marketplace to thicken the scroll bars , works on xbox , I use it with airshow assistant all the time , i also only adjust things in autopilot and external camera view so I don’t accidentally move controls or switches in the cockpit.

wide border resize thing is really a problem, but you can avoid it while using sliders - first click in the center of the slider (near to 50%), then move cursor to the left or right while holding A key, release A key after it has reached desired value.

I will investigate possibility to use LT/RT/right stick for sliders/tabs controls to make it better.

Not sure about liveries list issue, you have scrollbar all the time.