Airshow Assistant - feedback and discussion

Yes, the slider issue can be partially circumvented by clicking on the inside of it, however sliding it back to the minimum value (left edge) is cumbersome. The behaviour of the virtual cursor feels inconsistent. Sometimes clicking once on the slider “grabs” it and keeps sliding it until you click again, other times you have to press and hold the A button to actually keep grabbing on it. Several times the slider kept following the cursor even though I thought it already released it. And readjusting “on the fly” can be a chore “thanks” to the cumbersome, bulky nature of the window resize feature.

I also couldn’t click or activate the number fields in any way, it’s possible that the virtual cursor is, again, simply too bulky for those small fields. I’m not even sure if you should be able to manually type the numbers in or not.

On some occasions, switching between the tabs have been impossible for me. I feel it comes down to pure luck if you can click just at the right moment, when the cursor is already above the tab button but still hasn’t switched to resize mode. The whole thing is just not handy, I hope MSFS 2024 will overhaul this in some way.

There is indeed a scroll bar and you can also scroll the window up/down with the right stick. My problem with the livery list is once it’s there I find no way to collapse it, and the formatting is inconsistent as well. The “scan” buttons appear all over the place, some aircraft have only hieroglyphics as names, others only have one livery available even though there are many installed, etc.

Overall, using the virtual cursor with this add-on feels like trying to thread needles in welding gloves. I wish Asobo just copied the mouse pointer from the Xbox OS, it’s much faster and more precise.