AirVenture Oshkosh DLC

An AirVenture add-on, even if it’s third party, would be a huge boon to the simulator and partners. There’s massive incentive for Microsoft/Asobo to do it, however.

One of the largest aviation events in the world, it draws hundreds of thousands of people, and thousands of unique aircraft from around the world. What better place for Microsoft to show off their new simulator and debut an AirVenture DLC than at their own booth at AirVenture 2021? Microsoft used to always display their latest and greatest at the airshow in years past. It’s time for a triumphant return and with new features, scenery, and aircraft to demonstrate its continued development.

We’re fortunate enough that Oshkosh and Wittman Regional are already in a photogrammetry area. Unfortunately, the iconic control tower has been overwritten with a generic high-res autogen building:

In sim (building isn’t actually leaning but is wide angle distortion from a cropped image):

The colored dots on the runway, a requirement for any virtual recreation of the fly-in, are missing from the simulator scenery as well:


The photogrammetry is good enough to use for landings at Pioneer by the museum, the ultralight strip, and the seaplane base on Lake Winnebago. But there are lots of landmarks that could be spiffed up with new models.

The add-on could be packaged with new aircraft and challenges making it a lot more than just a scenery DLC.

How about including a North American T-6 in AeroShell and WWII liveries, or maybe an iconic homebuilt too like a Van’s RV-6 or Rutan Long-EZ? You’ll need to fill out those rows and rows static aircraft with models of these, anyway.

New liveries for the Extra and Pitts from real aerobatics pilots would make nice additions too.

It’s a chance to promote partners too. Many of the official Flight Simulator partners already have booths and displays at AirVenture, but there’s a huge flea market “fly market” area. Imagine if any and all third party developers could have a tent with their name on it in the simulator DLC.

It would be an awesome opportunity for the virtual ATC groups like Vatsim and PilotsEdge: Being able to do the Fisk approach with real ATC would be great practice for pilots who may be intimidated flying into such a huge event, or just fun for a huge community virtual fly-in event if you can’t make it to the actual airshow.

I have some sweet memories about Oshkosh, would love to go back again once more. Thx for the pics.

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I would really like to see the Wittman Terminal, Basler Flight Service, Basler Turbo Conversions, the Cloud 9 Hangar and the Hilton added.

What an awesome post! Thank you for bringing this up. an update for this airport would be awesome so it could be used for virtual events.

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PilotEdge is having their annual SimVenture July 14-18. The event includes custom scenery that adds critical landmarks as well as many custom buildings, scenery objects, and airshow elements.

The event is limited to PilotEdge customers.

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Having an MSFS “Adventure” landing challenge to AirVenture would be SWEET! Starting say at Green Lake and on to Fisk.

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Definitely. I don’t think most people realize just how crazy Oshkosh can be. So much traffic that they have to paint giant colored dots on the runway and have multiple aircraft landing at once.

“Rapid Firing Oshkosh Air Traffic Control at Air Venture 2018”, Rapid Firing Oshkosh Air Traffic Control at AirVenture 2018 - YouTube

Bluntly -
(1) Join Pilot Edge (Free Trial)
(2) Listen to what it is as an Observer (No pressure)
(3) Download the PE Oshkosh scenery
(3) If you like PE ATC learn how to take part, and have a blast
(4) When trial period is over, pay continued membership
If you do lot like it, or end up not using it, cancel your membership.

Note: You get to keep and use the Scenery no matter if you stay or leave.

The PilotEdge SimVenture greatly exceeded the expectations I had when I first made this thread back in '20. It’s the highlight of my Flight Simulator experience and I wouldn’t miss it.

I wish there was more interest in it. It seems like there’s a pretty good turn out for SimVenture, but of course it’s nowhere near the size of the actual event, and there are so many thousands of Flight Simulator users that could be on it. I suspect it’s just not very interesting to some of the larger demographics on here like the European tubeliner pilots. I’m guessing an Oshkosh DLC might be kind of a dud, like Reno was. But the PilotEdge event is incredibly well done, and it’s even given me the confidence to try flying into AirVenture for real, hopefully next year.