Aitrack + Opentrack settings in fs2020


I’m trying to get opentrack working in FS2020 but so far without luck.
Aitrack and Opentrack are afaik setup correctly but it doesn’t show up in the controls page in FS2020.

Some screenshots below



Can any one of you shine a light on my mistake?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Shouldnt you be using Output: FaceTrack, Freeteack, or whatever the default output is.

I don’t recall but think its Freetrack 2.0 Enhanced (output)

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Has any-one told you that you’re the best today already?? :slight_smile:
Strange detail is that I started with ‘freetrack 2.0 enhanced’ on my previous attemp(s), with no luck.
But after a new shot, ‘track IR’ shows up in the controls page in FS2020 and it works :call_me_hand:
Next step is to adjust the curves to fit my preferences but I’ll get there…
Thanks a lot mate :sunglasses:

Ha, thanks.
Welcome, best of luck!

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