Alaska Mesh First Impressions - Crossing Denali

Having really enjoyed the Orbx NZ Mesh package, I was quick to purchase their Alaska Mesh that was released last week.

Here are some first impression screens, flying between Kantishna (5Z5) and Songlo Vista (3AK3) across the Alaska Range, past the tallest mountain in North America: Denali. The route was inspired by AvAngels latest video, with the custom .PLN flight plan file available for download here for anyone wishing to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Kantishna (5Z5) and Songlo Vista (3AK3).pln (5.1 KB)

Any further recommendations for bush flying locations in the state are much appreciated. Glacier Bay near Juneau is next on my list! :us:


Breathtakingly beautiful!


FYI, If you’re on PC the Orbx Iceland mesh is also freeware. I’m not sure about Xbox though.


Thanks Waldo, I’ve posted a separate topic about that here :slight_smile:

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