ALBATROSS Soaring Race 267 Montsaleon

We would like to invite everyone to this weekend gliding competition - Race-267-Montsaleon!
Date: 5.02.2022
Takeoff time: 17:30 UTC
Start gates pass: 18:00 UTC
Server: West Europe

La Bâtie-Montsaléon Airport (LFTM) located in Southern French Alps, a perfect area for novice glider pilots as it has balanced flat and mountain terrain.

Route length is 267 kilometers, approximate completion time - 1h20m.
Open class category - choose any glider you like. You can use an AI towplane created special for this race, or other player aircraft as a tug. Or self launch if you are on AS-33.

You will need an ALBATROSS app running for files automatic installation, timer update and results submission to the server (don’t forget to get the latest program version 0.9.0). Or install and load flight plan with weather preset manually to have a recreation flight (Race files for manual installation link on event page).