Alien buildings on central Spain

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I have addons, but no scenery in that area
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On a flight from LEBL (Barcelona) to LEZL (Seville) the following alien super-buildings appeared. May (or may not be) related but when looking at the structures a CTD occurred.
If someone wants to try to reproduce it, the coordinates appear in the top left corner of the pictures: N40º 20”, W2º 42”
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(the bad color quality of the screenshots is because I run the game on HDR)

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After loafing saved flight after the CTD the alien strucures appeared again
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i11700f, 32 Gb Ram, 3060Ti
Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: (WU6 hotfix)
Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?
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I didn’t see Orbital Tethers on the hotfix release notes.

Here are the coordinates from the picture.
The incident seems reproducible (at least at that moment in time) since when I loaded a saved flight after the CTD, the alien structures reappeared in the same area…
For the rest, the scenery was looking gorgeous, so this is (probably) not a problem caused by data connection with the servers.

Remove the decor cache and create a new one…

Yeah I will try that tomorrow…

Reported in main Bug topic: