All AI stationary disappears (Console:"Invalid variable name")

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Few seconds after started the flight, the stationary planes disappear.

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Press READY TO FLY button and few seconds later all AI stationary planes disappear. AI traffic and my plane are still active. A lot of errors in the console “Invalid variable name”, don’t know if someone more notice it. It happens after executed the desktop shortcut and killed the process while loading (right click on taskbar, close) We need an integrity file tool to see if there are something corrupt.

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i7 GTX1080

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The more addons you add, the more “Totally useless, and uninformative” error you get in the console.

Some of the error messages are way Beyond useless… in that they tell you nothing about the error, or what file it is occurring in, so trying to correct them becomes an impossible task.

I would suggest the 1st task is to make the error messages more descriptive, and precise , and then Devs can start fixing their own addons, and also then maybe Asobo can start fixing theirs as well.



The details should at least specify the FILENAME , that this “Invalid variable” was found in, and ideally also the line number.

The funny fact is I have deactivated all addons at the moment of the screen captures

I found that if i close the internet navigator (Mozilla Firefox) running in the background, the problem solves. Seems is related to a memory usage issue.