All airplanes gone. wth?

There was some small 680Kb update today for me. after opening the sim i only have the 152 and the TBM available. Nothing else shows up.
Whats going on?

Check your package manager, you may need to re-install them. While you are in there, check your bespoke airports as well.

Pretty much what @Nyx1819 said, but the following known issue may be of assistance:

Additionally, some other topics that come up in the search:

from content manager im trying to download everything, but the sim crashes after about 10 seconds each time i try

I had the exact same issue with the upgrade and had to D/L content manager again. Added about 6 hours to a 2 minute DL. Thanks to all who helped me.

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removing all content from the community folder fixed the crashing issue.
content is now downloading.

Why does this ■■■■ even happen to start with?

I believe it is a known bug, probably in the backlog. Do report it on Zendesk when you get the chance.