All free Sceneries

Hello is it possible to see the servers of the world display all the free enhancement sceneries that have been released? Is it necessary to have the agreement of the authors ? The advantage is to have a more detailed world. Is it possible to see this in the near future ?

I think that would be a good idea!

Hi there,
Could you expand upon what you mean by “the servers of the world”?
Just to let you know, the developers have talked about a freeware category in the Marketplace.

You have to remember, free enhancements often aren’t enhancements, or really very good. Sure, there’s a ton of really great freeware out there - some of it head and shoulders better than most payware - but amongst it are several hundred private logoed coffee cups, for instance, and a flying doughnut, and a leggo plane, and a bicycle (that doesn’t work)! Do you really want all of them to turn up on every download site that you visit, including the Official MSFS2020 built-in download site?

As I never heard clarification from you on my question, I am closing this topic.
The way I read this question is for other servers to display all of the free sceneries available for Flight Simulator. The Wishlist category is only for requests that can be fulfilled by Microsoft and/or Asobo.
The closest thing that the team can do to deliver this is to provide a freeware category in the in-sim Marketplace for people to contribute to. There is a Wishlist topic for that, and if you are interested, you are welcome to vote for it, if you ever return to the forums:
Freeware category for MSFS Marketplace

In the meantime, the link provided by V1ROTA7E is a very useful tool to download a lot of existing freeware available today.