All NAVAIDS and navigation data unavailable

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

No. But have already switched it on and off to use custom airplane in MSFS Bush flights

Have you disabled/removed all your mods and addons?

Only own aircraft mods

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Every navigation data are missing: NAVAIDS, approachs, airways, waypoint. I made an update using Navigraph Nav Data Center, without success. During a flight, I cannot catch any existing VOR/NDB/ILS. Using the flight planning map, even with the NAVAIDS or RNAV Fixes fliters activated, I cannot find any NAVAIDS, airways,…
Selecting VOR to VOR show “VOR to VOR unavailable”
When selecting an airport in flight planning, no approach or STARs are available in the list.
I basically lost every navigation data…

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Well… that happens if you use third party software. Uninstall Navigraph and reinstall MSFS.

Also, it’s only a bug if it’s something affecting the sim for lots of people and is a repeatable fault. This is just your set up, so should be in community support. I’m sure one of the mods will help you move it shortly. Good luck getting a resolution.

Fixed !!!
I simply update one of the world update (in that case USA) and i recover every stations and datas in the world (?!?!)

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#freindly reminder always keep stuff updated in your content manager :slight_smile:


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