All of my hobbs times have reset

I think this happened with SU7. I have 200 hours of flight time in the sim, almost all of it in the stock Cessna 152. Today I noticed I now only have around 4.5 hours flight time.

I did try out the JP Logistics mod recently which I expected to start at zero as its technically a different plane in the sim. I also flew a different livery colour of the stock Asobo 152 for a few flights, and that plane started at zero hours. which I figured was due to the change of livery.

Now I’m back in the blue aviators livery which I must have well over 100 hours in, and it was on 4 hours.

This has really depressed me, it’s like my relationship with this little plane that I built up over hundreds of hours and months of flying has been erased. :cry:

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I noticed the same and was a little disappointed too. It’s not a huge deal but I had an emotional connection to the racked up hours as well.
I‘m doing a hand-flown VFR tour around the Mediterranean Sea currently, and my 2:30 h boring flight from Sicily to Tunis was registered in the logbook as 1 minute on the tarmac in Tunis. It’s just ab entry but still I was disappointed. Takes away from your sense of achievement and I think a game company should take that more seriously.

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You can manually set the hobbs timers in the airplane-specific settings file. Currently not at my game PC, so can’t lookup the actual location, but it is possible to edit the .cfg file.


I believe the folder (for MS Store version) is

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\SimObjects and within that are the folders for each of the aircraft.

Within each folder is a state.CFG file that could be manually edited.


Thanks, that would be great. Is there a way of working out what my hours would actually have been rather than just guessing? Maybe have them rebuilt from the logbook entries for example?

It sounds trivial but it killed my motivation to fly today.

I noticed the same. I had one hour in the 152, and I know that’s not right. No idea when that happened, but undocumented effects seem commonplace now.

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Steam Install for me, this got my Hobbs numbers back to where they should be.

Prior to SU7 state.cfg for each plane is at:
C:\Users\YourLoginName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\SimObjects\

So that state.cfg will have your old hours. For me the example is the Cessna 208b at 357.4 hours.

After SU7 state.cfg for each plane is at:
C:\Users\YourLoginName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\SimObjects\Airplanes\

This will have any new hours in it. For my example in the Cessna 208b was 4.5 hours.

So adding them up (361.9) and putting that in the state.cfg in the airplanes\cessna folder all is back to where it should be, no hours lost. :crossed_fingers:

So you’ll have to do this for each plane you have hours on prior to SU7, not much work for me since is was just 2 planes the Icon A5 and aforementioned Cessna 208b.

So basically for SU7 an ‘airplanes’ directory was added and state.cfg is now stored there (in a folder for each plane).

Hopes this helps some frustrated users, as I am glad to have all my hours back.


I’ll have to check. So the update process left all these orphaned files behind? That’s not very good.

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Yeah you can say that I guess, but would have been ‘worse’ if they just deleted all the old and created the new files in the new folders without bringing the ‘stats’ along for the ride. Moving the files would have been best, but hey Asobo/MS still has another 8.5 years to give that a try. :wink:

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Editing that .cfg file (plain text) will get the selected planes HOBBS back to whatever you want , but if you have also lost your Logbook , there is no easy (or difficult) way to edit the binary Logbook file - if it’s lost, it’s lost !!

It probably would have got lost exchanging it with the MS servers ?

So there “should” be a way to backup that file, so you can restore it if needed.

I cannot recall the exact filename, and have never attempted to do a backup / restore, mainly because I have never lost my Logbook, and in any case, I run almost all the time in Dev Mode, so I do not even generate a logbook.

Maybe Asobo, or some 3rd part dev, will come up with a Logbook backup/restore tool ?

Remember: “There are two kinds of people in this world…”

People who back up their files and people who haven’t experienced losing all their files yet.


I just checked, I still have my logbook!

Thanks to everyone for all the support in this thread, I’ll try and edit the config files after work either tonight or tomorrow. Considering how serious some people take flight simming this seems like a major bug from Asobo’s end and surprised there hasn’t been more noise about it.

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Kind of reminds me of the taildragger pilot adage, easily adapted to fit computing:

There are those who have lost data, and those that will.

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Many of us lost their flight time when an update was introduced in April, those hours are now forgotten.

I highly recommend using another third party service for logging your flight time. I am using, much more intuitive, amazing features, working across all simulators. And you don’t lose your flight time!

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