All other Airplanes are stuck unable to taxi to departure

I have this issue. Does not matter if I am using Live Traffic or AI Traffic.

All airplanes that are about to taxi out. Are stuck in a place. Never moves out.
Engines running etc. Most are in some sort of bugged attitude. Like a wing in a ground or doing nonstop piruete upside down, etc. Or thay have tow attached, car or trolly, and thay are stuck with it not moving.

In the end I have zero aircraft able to taxi out and take off.
This is a pain.

I would love any help please.
I am on Xbox S. I am not having any performance issues.

Thank you.

Are you referring to Aircraft that you are operating or to other aircraft that you see at the airport?

I noticed other aircraft started doing that whenever I spend a lot of time idle. When ever I saw this on my Xbox X, it was a for sure sign that I would eventually get a CTD or Freeze. It’s like the sim didn’t expect me to be sitting there for 30 mins so it bugs out and forgets how to do math, gives up and then ejects me back to the dashboard.

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Thank you for your comment.

I am refering to aircraft that are under xbox AI control. Either by having AI traffic or Life Traffic ON.

It occurs in my game from the very beginning of launching a free flight. And will resume in a game for ever (tested for many hours and many new flights).

I can whitness or hear other aircraft taking off. But I must be couple of miles away from that airport. Like on an approach to my destination. Once I am on a ground than situation with other airplanes will occour again.

PS: I am not having any performance issues, stutters or CTD. Everything runs super smooth with my Xbox S. So I consider game program behaviour the culprit.

PS2: “…so it bugs out and forgets how to do a math…” I love Your vocabulary here :slight_smile: Well. I am sometimes having fun with this bug also. Seeing that airplane stuck turning around like 60 rounds per minute. I try to make out pilots face in that AI airplane. And I blast into lol.

I realised I have to occasionally restart the sim and console and create new flight. Mostly while operating on huge airports.

It started fix some of my previous issues like:

  1. AI controlled aircraft beeing bugged and stuck at the airport.
  2. Having zero aircraft at the airport, nevertheless how much AI traffic and AI traffic stationary percent I set.
  3. also if two AI aircraft gets face each other on a taxiway. One of them will eventualy de-spawn after some time, making traffic flow continue again. What also did not happen on me before.

PS: but it may differ from airport to airport. Not sure yet.

I am much more happy now.

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