All Piston props won't start. Or stay running

Was trying to fly the Justflight Arrow and couldn’t get the engine started with the usual way, so I tried
1: fuel pump on, fuel tank (L) selected, mixture about 75%, throttle up a little, magnetos on, starter pumping for 10 seconds or less.
Once that failed, I thought I’d try Ctrl+Shift+E
The “flypad” EFB has an option to set the aircraft into “Ready for takeoff” state, so I selected that. The engine ran for about 1 to slightly less than 2 seconds before shutting down.
Pressing Y and F4 to slew up into the sky, the aircraft became airborne, and immediately shut down, turning itself into a glider.

So I tried it in the Default C172, starting the aircraft in the air (not at an airport) and … at the point of spawning in, the engine could be heard cutting to a stop and the 172 was a glider.
Ctrl+E would make the rpm increase for about 5 seconds till the magneto switch rolled out of Start back to Both. Check of the fuel cutout knob (it was in, I think Ctrl+E does that)

I have deleted all throttle axis relating to Mixture, and all switches relating to fuel pumps and tested again. Still failed, even when pressing Alt+V between attempts.

The engines on prop planes will not switch on. Ctrl+E will run the C172 engine up to about 500rpm for the duration of “Start” being applied, then drop back to 0 after 5 seconds.

sorry to ask: you did check that there was actually fuel in the tanks, didn’t you?

Yes, First try was with a calculated for the trip fuel in the tanks (Came to about 62%) Have also used Default 50% fuel in tanks. Also tried it with full tanks.

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Some suggestions:

  • Mixture being forced back to lean (my bad key-bind or whatever)
  • Mag switch being forced back to to OFF (my bad key-bind or whatever)
  • Plane at high altitude airport, and not leaned appropriately .
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Disconnect all your controllers so you are using keyboard only. Then set keys to default. How about then?

Engine Start shortcut is CTRL-E.

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Yep, joystick unplugged got us there. Now to strip all of its commands and start over.

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Great! That’ll keep you out of mischief for a few hours!