All planes constnatly getting pushed upwards, game unplayable

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Brief description of the issue:
The front end of all planes constantly get pushed upwards, even if flaps are set correctly. Resetting all controls back to their defaults and putting the controller down will still make all planes attempt to do constant backflips. This happens maybe 5 out of every 10 flights I start, it really does seem random.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  1. Get into the air.
  2. Attempt to fly normally.
    The nose of your plane will constantly be pushed upwards.

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)
Intel Core i9-10900K
NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super
64 GB DDR4 Memory
Samsung EVO 2TB SSD
Windows 10 Pro x64

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:
Latest as of typing this, I can’t find a version number anywhere.

Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?
Microsoft Store

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?
No idea what Zendesk is.

I would be asking a lot of questions at this point:
What controllers are you using?
Are they calibrated correctly?
Are you using autopilot?
Are your trim settings at neutral?

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A PS4 controller with DS4Windows - although it claims to have native PS4 controller support, it never recognizes it. All other Windows applications both recognize the controller and it works perfectly.

I’m not using autopilot because autopilot keeps making my airplane fly in circles 99% of the time, so what’s the point?

What is trim? I bought the game for the amazing views and realistic handling, if there’s controls other than accelerate, decelerate, brake, and directionals, I had no idea they even existed.

Also I should mention that this is significantly more likely to happen when taking off from the ground, it seems to almost never happen when spawning in the air already flying.


I don’t know if PS4 controllers are compatible with this game. I suggest getting a basic joystick with a twist (yaw) function. But whatever controller you use you should make sure that you visit the calibration screen to make sure it’s set up properly.

Also make sure to set all realism settings to easy mode.

For the future I suggest you also visit the tutorial page to learn the basics of flying an aircraft. It’s not hard to learn the basics and it will increase your enjoyment immensely.


One other idea.

You say that the plane wants to go nose up on take-off? Well, that’s what planes are designed to do. Why would you want them to stay on the ground?

As they accelerate planes will naturally rise and gain altitude unless the pilot deliberately pushes the controller forward, reduces throttle, or trims the pitch.

Again, see the tutorials.

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No, I didn’t explain that right.

Takeoff from ground:

  1. Takes off like normal
  2. Gets a good distance up into the air
  3. Plane keeps getting pushed upwards even if I try and make it go downwards.

Of course I want the nose of the plane to go up, but only when I hold the analog stick in the direction that makes it go up. It should not be doing this after takeoff is completed.

Sounds like you simply need to trim nose down. The fact it doesn’t happen when you start in the air supports that as it will have already set an appropriate trim for level flight at that speed before you start… I would echo the above, try the tutorials to learn the basics, learning to trim is a fundamental part of learning to fly.

As the aircraft flies faster it will need additional nose down trim to stop it from trying to climb. Equally as you slow down it will need more nose up trim to stop from descending.

This is real aircraft behaviour, the exception would be something like the A320 which effectively auto trims.

Also as an aside game controllers like the PS4/Xbox can have pretty poor centering so it is worth making sure you have a suitably high deadzone set otherwise you can experience some drift.

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I’m surprised that this isn’t an accessibility option yet. There’s infinite fuel, disabling damage and stress, auto-takeoff, but there’s not an option that automates this?

I must admit I haven’t specifically looked for it, but if it’s not already there as an option to have automatic trims they’ve got a lot more accessibility and tutorial stuff dropping with the Xbox release so maybe it’ll be an option then.

However if someone has bought it for the realistic handling as the OP said he did, it would be worth learning how to do it properly perhaps! Too much assistance certainly detracts from the realism, especially in light aircraft.

It’s sound very much like you would benefit a great deal from simply following the tutorial flights, they are pretty good for new users to flight simulation. Basic flight is pretty straight forward and you will probably enjoy it more with a better understanding of how to fly.


as others have stated, the planes/jets/airliners with autopilot generally perform the trim automatically to level flight (especially when setting an altitude), those without autopilot need to be manually trimmed.

as recommended, visit the ‘basics of flight’ tutorials and they do a good job explaining aircraft operation.

and, if you use ‘alt+enter’ to take MSFS from fullscreen to windowed mode, the version is in the title bar; or also (MS Store) in the downloads and updates in the MSFS row.

we dont want this automated, we fly ourselves(well most do) , you cna hand over the controls to the copilot tho and watch only.
game is really simple as it is, its maybe not your thing.

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I agree. When you take off you need maximum lift from the flaps, so if you continue without changing anything of course your rate of ascent will increase with speed. Either reducing throttle or trimming nose down is what you need to do to level off.

And MSFS does have native support for the PS4 controller.

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There are a LOT more controls than simply those listed.

One of those is control over flaps which are aerodynamic devices on your wing which increase lift (and drag)
Most aircraft will spawn on the runway with these deployed in their take off config and once airborne you would retract the flaps. (When they retract you often see a momentary nose down of the aircraft.

Most of the aircraft in MSFS2020 have “clickable cockpits” so that things like flaps and trim etc can be controlled from within the cockpit by clicking or dragging the control with your mouse.

An alternative is to use the input config menu to review or set up your key mappings on a keyboard or your controller. In the case of a PS4 controller it’s likely you will need to use keyboard in addition to the controller in order to achieve meaningful control of even basic aircraft.

My usual take off process in an aircraft like the X Cub for example will be.

Release parking brake.
Increase throttle
Keep an eye on rpm guage and reduce rpm (prop pitch) when it gets too high (the number turns yellow)
Let the nose lift up and gently lift into sky. (Don’t pull back too hard. You need to maintain and increase airspeed)
At 300ft above ground reduce the flaps to zero.

Once at a safe altitude and airspeed reduce throttle to about 75% and further reduce prop pitch.
Check trim and adjust for level flight.
Prepare to adjust fuel mix depending on altitude.
If continuing to climb observe airspeed. Reduce pitch or increase power to maintain airspeed and avoid stall.

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Is your flight model setting set to Legacy? If so, change it to Modern in your General Options.

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Autopilot can accidently trim controls all the way up to the limit in slow speed or high altitude flight to prevent stall, so when you turn it off, it is possible to face a situation where pitch controls have not enough authority to put nose down and it is mandatory to reset trimmers.

It sounds to me like you aren’t willing to put in some basic work to understand how flight actually works. Realistic handling implies you understand how things actually work. If you want to get anything out of this software, do yourself a favor and go through some Tutorials as people suggested. And do make sure your flight model is set to Modern.