All planes.. Flaps and Spoilers full after opening menu and returning (TCA Quadrant Issue)

Hey experts,

Edit: I found the below issue is due to TCA quadrant. Still need help to fix this.

I’ve got two issues w.r.t flaps and speed brakes.

Case one : The Flaps and Spoilers deploy to full mode every time I open menu and return back to game.

Case two : The Spd.brake deploys to full mode after ‘arm’ disable after landing. (No menu was opened in this case)

Please help to troubleshoot this TCA quadrant issue. Sorry for the bad quality video as it had to be compressed for <5 mb.


Do you have the Thrustmaster Quadrant? I had this and it was caused by the “phantom” setting for the Add-On flaps and speed brakes. i.e. The settings for the Quadrant Add-On are defined in the Quadrant profile but the Add-On doesn’t exist physically. I removed the Add-On settings from the profile and the problem has gone away.


Perfect…! found the phantom buttons and removed em. This worked thanks…

Did you scroll down in the quadrant profile settings menu?. The controls for the Flaps and speed brake are axis settings and are in the lower part of the quadrant profile menu.

Great. Glad to be of help.
I’ll need to add them back when my Add-On finally gets delivered :wink:

Great… ! let me know your feedback on the new addons once you try them out. Am too looking forward to buy them.

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