All Runways Disappeared

I think I may have somehow deleted all the runways by mistake while in Dev mode. Now I cant seem to be able to get them back. Does anyone have any advice? I have tried lots of stuff in Dev mode but all i get are grass runways in major airports.
Thank You for your help

OK I just reinstalled MFS 2020. I have the same problem!! Instead of concrete runways like in KTOL, I have grass runways!! I thought that after a fresh install, the problem would be solved.

Also, the grass is just flat carpet like in texture. I am in Ultra mode but have tried all the others as well.

Any help would be appreciated.

jUST REINSTALLED AGAIN. Same problem. No tarmacs any more.

Make sure you have Draw on terrain enabled in Dev mode -> Options -> Terrain.


Thank You Thank You Thank You !!! That was it!!!. I have been trying to solve this problem for days with nobody responding and here you are!!! My thanks to you.


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