Allow access to toggle AI Radio Communications (ATC) via toolbar when disable_assistances flag in flight_model.cfg is enabled

This wish is related for aircraft that are incompatible with in-game flight assists (e.g. Volocopter and FlyByWire’s A320neo version 0.8 and newer.)

The disable_assistances flag also disables the Flight Assistant option from the toolbar—however, a side effect is that you are unable to toggle the AI Radio Communications (ATC) option from the toolbar without pausing the simulator and heading into Assistance Options from the menu.

I frequently use the in-game ATC during my flights, so I rely on the convenience to toggle the option directly from the toolbar.

I don’t know about the volocopter, but I can help you with the FBW:

The exact path to re-enable flight assistant for the FBW

Community\flybywire-aircraft-a320neo\SimObjects\AirPlanes\FlyByWire_A320_NEO. There you will find the flight_model.cfg. Open it with notepad, ans scroll down to the section "[FLIGHT_TUNING].

Three lines down, you will see disable_assistances = 1. Change the = 1 to = 0 , click on file in notepad, then click save.

If you can’t find the entry, click on edit in notepad, click find, then type “disable_assistances” in the field, then hit next. It should take you right to the entry in the .cfg.


No worries, I already knew the workaround to re-enable Flight Assistant (it was the commit that prompted me to write this post xD )—thank you for sharing the instructions for others though!