Allow community to contribute to world quality

Hi there.
I have flown over a few places that i know quite well and I have noticed that the buildings are very often in the correct place, but the type of building rendered in is incorrect. I assume this is due to Artificial Intelligence rendering in housestypes “randomly” based om the aerial photos available for that area.
An example would be that in-game a house could be rendered in as a 4 story office building whilst in real life is a 2 story house/dwelling. Or that that house types added in are not normally used in the region (like brick houses in the arctic circle or timber houses in the Mediterranean etc.

My wish-list item it to allow us (the community) to go into the map and change the house types manually and then save that into the “world” and then you can drop in these minor updates as part of your normal patching schedule.

I think something like this could really increase immersion for those who use the game to fly over places familiar to them.

You could take this even further and allow new buildings/areas to be added by the community but that would probably need some kind of approval process to really work?, just in order to stop “jokers” from adding nonsense to the map.


Yep, had similar ideas! If they open up the world where everybody (maybe with a certain track record) can edit and there is a small approval process, I think the world will be even much more accurate in no-time!

Little bit like the Waze model (car navigation), where users can actively edit the map for everyone else to reflect the actual situation the best. It would be then truly a constant changing and living world at a staggering pace!

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very lacking original buildings and structures like chemical tubes or stadiums and statues and stuff like that, you fly city it looks so real from some alt but when you go down it some sad as very contrasting with perfect map small areas etc. i see my house one my street but instead of many of original things i see generated buildings, it’s ok till addons as in all other simulators but i hope and believe, asobo guys will update original structures, sorry about my tautology unstructured english

For sure! My childhood home now has an apartment block next to it where there should be a barn.

Hi there,
I am going to close this, as the development team has decided to go with the scenery gateway system, which is similar, if not identical to this Wishlist topic. As of right now, the scenery gateway system will be implemented sometime in 2022.