Allow the typing of percentage points in Weights and Balances menu

We can type in numbers in the Weights and Balances menu, and while we can move the slider to change the value, it just isn’t good at this moment. It would be really nice if we can type in percentage points!


Didn’t see a thread already posted on this. Please delete this!

Hi. This is about breaking up #1 and #3 into multiple topics. We cannot have more than one idea in a topic.
Please comply or else I will move this in 24 hours.

I don’t know why this can’t just be deleted. I would do it myself but I am unable to do so(Apparently I do not have permission to do so). I realize you’re not trying to censor a couple of my ideas, but I would just rather this thread get deleted.

You don’t need to delete it. You can just edit this topic and make it about #1 or #3 and create a new topic for the other one.
I definitely don’t want to censor your idea! The reason we ask for one idea per topic is because it’s really difficult to manage. If two people write the same wish, we have to merge them so we don’t split the vote. But if you write 3 wishes in one topic and another person writes another 3 wishes in one topic and two of them overlap, we can’t merge them. Also, if Asobo only implements two wishes and leaves the third one alone, we can’t close it out. It makes it very difficult to manage, so that’s why we ask for everyone to make one wish per topic.

edited the topic. Appreciate it!

Thank you!

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