Almost too embarrassed to ask but

First time on msfs 2020.

Literally just got a new PC, installed msfs for the first time about an hour ago.

Sat in my seat, trusty t-flight hotas in front of me and launched msfs.

Set all the settings and got to the front screen.

Chose to do the flight training. Training 1 in sedona was fine. All went well.

Chose to do training 2 and this is where it went a little awry.

I choose ‘ready to fly’. I’m put in the cockpit with the reassuring message popping up “The instructor is flying the aircraft”. Good old Jess. I like her. I’m starting to feel an affinity toward her.

Trouble is, all of my controls are locked out and good old Jess is losing altitude fast. No matter how much I pull back on the stick or try to add thrust, the altimeter just keeps on falling.

Now either Jess isn’t the top gun pilot she claims to be or there’s something wrong.

I’ve tried this second training 5 times now and the same things happens each time. Altitude drops until we plough into the very nicely recreated buildings.

I wondered if the same would happen if I went back to do the first training again. Nope, Jess does a great job of not killing us all while I test out the cameras.

I mean, this couldn’t possibly be a bug. It’s too obvious - so what am I doing wrong? I literally havent done anything. It’s all completely default.

I haven’t taken a video yet because I’m assuming it’s something stupid I’m doing. Trouble is, I can’t see what. She should be flying the plane.



Jess is great… but its a bug.


Yes, it’s a known bug since last update. Skip this lesson for now

That’s hilarious.
Managed to figure it out in the end. As the earth started hurtling toward me I wondered if I could control the power, as an example, with the mouse.

Low and behold I could. If I moved the camera down I could push the throttle in and get more power to avoid the usual house I crash into. The training then proceeds as if nothing happened.

Of course there’s nothing in the training to tell you that all of your primary controls are locked out and that you have to use the mouse.

That’s absolutely hilarious. A great way of turning any new person away from this amazing sim. Luckily I’ve watched a lot of videos on this. I worry for those who haven’t.


Really appreciate the feedback. Thanks so much.

I just hope other new people might see this.

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I have to admit, your post made me laugh. “Good old Jess”.


Honest to god I’ve waited so long for my new PC and watched so many MSFS videos on youtube, I feel like Jess is the sister I’ve never had.


This is why I miss Rod Machado in the FSX Student Pilot lessons. He at least would have made some Dad jokes as the sink rate increased.


I could be wrong but I could swear I heard Jess giggle just before we levelled the same lovely sedona house each time.


I’ve just posted the a topic over exactly the same problem. Apologies - I did search before posting, but maybe used the word ‘lesson’ instead of ‘tutorial’.

Comments over Jess and giggling before we levelled and such like did make me smile.

However, the most pertinent comment is how this flawed lesson will be received by first time simmers. I’ve never seen anything so bugged before at any time - please someone fix this tutorial!!

make sure to report it to Zendesk (Support link from the top bar).
It must be a recently introduced bug, since I didn’t have it when I did the lessons (ages ago).

We meet again on this thread…
Will do, but can’t see the Zendesk link or where the top bar is…
Think I’m still in shock having had three fatal crashes…

That’ll buff out, no worries :slight_smile:

it’s the support link up here:

Ah, that straight forward… :crazy_face:
Does the support desk provide adequate insurance for me, and maybe for Jess too??

Can’t tell you for sure, but you probably won’t like the rates after just having 3 fatal crashes. I’m pretty sure that increased your risk assessment.

Looks like I’ll have to be one of those infernal uninsured flyers then… :grinning:

Unbelievable! A pleasantly good-natured thread :astonished:

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I bumble everything so much I just thought Jess Molina was fed up with my stupid mistakes and decided to end it all. I’m glad it’s not just me and others are having this problem. I will try the mouse trick mentioned above to bring the aircraft up to straight and narrow. Thanks for the info, everyone!

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It’s close, but it can be done if you keep trying to use the mouse to increase the throttle - it won’t stay out, it will keep on snapping back to the idle position as the plane is controlled by the instructor until she passes control over to you. Get to that point, and you can complete the tutorial…

FLying Gunny, we aim to please!!