Since update 10, in windowed mode, the taskbar hides the bottom of the simu, and I no longer have the edges of the window. In particular the sizing and closing buttons at the top right. Even by pressing ALT+ENTER, on the keyboard, nothing happens

Weird I had the same issue with the new SU10 starting MSFS in window mode, make sure you right mouse click on the MSFS screen before hitting ALT+ ENTER. Sometimes MSFS does that to me as far as still being tabbed out on initial launch.

before or at the same time

Launch MSFS when the main menu pops up right click your mouse once or twice on the MSFS screen first to make sure its the prioritized program running on the desktop then hit ALT+ENTER.

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Did that to me too. Went into Options, General Options, selected Full Screen and now it’s fine, starts up in Full Screen all the time. Another display that had changed was the Map in the MFS on the G1000Nxi, again I simply went into the Map settings and selected to Topo and, good to go.

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when you’re in windowed mode, click and hold the top bar, drag it to the top of your screen, this will resize it to fit properly again. ALT-ENTER to swap between windowed/full screen.

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It’s a regression I need to run vpilot, IVAO and having only one screen I have to be in windowed mode at times

ALT + ENTER followed by
WIN + CRSR up will do the trick.

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What is CRSR

try to make the window smaller by operating the mouse on the left half of the screen. You will see that it reappears. I solved it like this

The 4 keys with Arrow up, Arrow left, Arrow down and Arrow right.