Alternate VFR Map

Thanks. How did you load the scenery database? Cheers

Do you have a firewall enabled?

I use Little NavMap on a second monitor normally. I have’nt had to load any database scenery since switching to MSFS2020. Although the msfs patch has solved the SimConnect issue, LNM still acts a little oddly at the moment, mostly around the zoom levels so i’m guessing that we will have to wait until LNM has its next update too. Still very usable and great to see the airport runway ILS beams shown on the map. Makes for good approaches. :slight_smile: I have my firewall on.

Finally had time to get back and work on this. Maybe it was the update, I don’t know but it is working now. Thanks for the advice, probably operator error. Next question, this is just a straight map, no bells and whistles, correct? Reason I’m asking is one of the screen shots in this thread (HARDWORKPAYS) shows a blue line, is that a navigation line? I don’t see this on my map. Not that I’m complaining, now that It’s working this thing awesome, but am i missing a setting somewhere in the game? I don’t see any setting options on the map. Thanks again for the help.

That’s a river/canal :grin:
It’s just plain position overlay, nothing else afaik.

I gave up
I wanted a simple VFR map for Android or IPad ( rotating map)

Thanks, appreciate the reply