Alternative to Toolbar Pushback

Given numerous people are saying not to use Toolbar Pushback due to performance issues, I am just wondering what people are using instead?

I use either the aircraft tool (like what comes with PMDG) or the default ATC ground services. Hoping for a better alternative!

FS2Crew Pushback express. Best there is.

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I don’t think I have a serious performance issue with Toolbar Pushback. And I use it every day. Are you having performance issues with Toolbar pushback?

I use pushback toolbar but the other one you could try is pushback helper

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No problems for me using toolbar pushback at all. I think it’s a great add on.

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No issues here, either. I think those reports now are a little dubious. There was one version of the mod that didn’t properly close itself, but the developer fixed that quickly. However, those reports of that older version causing performance issues have taken on a life of their own and just won’t seem to die.


Zero issues with Toolbar Pushback.

@BigCow74 is most likely correct… :wink:

But if someone is having issues currently, it will be a corrupt/improper install or a conflict with some other mod.


Shift + P works, left or right (kp1 kp2) doesn’t seem to work though.

No issues with Toolbar Pushback here neither. Try it yourself, don’t just follow what others say, most of which is vague coincidence anyway.