Altitude pre-selectors?

Hi everyone!

Do any of the aircraft have altitude pre-selector functionality built-in and if so how do I use it? I know the autopilot and IFR instrumentation is still a bit of a WIP so maybe this is something that will be added later.

What type of aircraft are you speaking? In the larger commercial aircraft all of them have altitude selection. You just dial it in on the glareshield. The AP on these aren’t really great, but they do work to a point.

Pr-selector might not be the proper term so let me rephrase it, do any aircraft have a standby altitude selector in the same way the radios have a standby frequency?

So for example: say I have the altitude selector set to 5,000 but I know the next step up will be 12,000 so I can set the active altitude selector to 5,000 and the standby or per-selector to 12,000 and then switch once ATC clears me to 12,000.

It’s entirely possible that I’m just an idiot and there’s no such device.

No such device. Most (not all) autopilots will let you preselect the altitude, but they won’t climb until you press a button.

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