Altitude Selector Beech Baron G58

Is anyone else missing the altitude selector on their Baron?

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i dont have one either. a bug

Thanks for the reply. It doesn’t even make any sense that it appears in other aircraft but not this one… I would think the textures for the glass cockpit are the same regardless of the aircraft.

Look under the yoke in the C152 and you’ll see a knob missing there as well for the cabin light dimming. It also doesn’t function but will rotate either direction.

There are a few things either missing completely - or there but marked “Inop” - on every aircraft I’ve tried so far, and I haven’t touched a airliner yet.

For the Baron: use the VS button (this can be mapped to the keyboard or joystick or HOTAS) and set climb/descend as needed. (Those functions can be mapped too.) Once you get to altitude hit ALT and it’ll stay there. To climb again or descend you have to “hand fly” the airplane until the altitude call out turns yellow. Then you can do the whole thing again. Rinse and repeat. It’s a workaround, but it does work.

The altitude knob on the Garmin unit is definitely MIA.

Yeah. I noticed thay too. I thought it could be a different garmin version but seems like an issue to me

I forget which aircraft, but one of them with an autopilot is missing a Heading Hold button even though it has a knob to select the heading. (I reported it days ago) And another aircraft has a heading knob that doesn’t move the heading bug… so it is contagious.

Yep. Autopilot and the Garmin units are suspect in most every GA model.

I like the 152 and the 172 with steam gauges! :smiley:

Yeah. It’s missing. You can use Ctrl + Page up/Page down to adjust the altitude though.

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