Alvaro Berroa Airport Misspelled and Incorrectly Labeled

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Zendesk #159995 Alvaro Berroa Airport is incorrectly labeled as PX02 when its ICAO is MP21. Additionally, it is misspelled with three “r”s in its name — “Alvaro Berrroa”. See misspelling where the mouse pointer is on the screenshot.

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Search for PX02 as a destination/arrival airport. Observe misspelling and incorrect ICAO.

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Verified on PC just now. Both the misspelling and the incorrect ICAO, which I assume is due to the misspelling!

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Sounds good, thanks! Do you have an official chart or source for the airport?

Thanks. I don’t know if counts as an official source. The TOS on the website says that it is for educational purposes only. I was thinking either a Jeppesen chart or something from the aviation authority of Panama.

There’s a number of other sites.

If you really want me to do Asobo’s job here, okay, I’ll invest the time.

I’m finding three different ICAO codes:
• MP21
• PX02

Regardless, it’s spelled incorrectly, at the least.

FlightAware has no listings for MP21 or PX02.

I tried this, but none of their airports are listed under the Aerodrome or Airports section.

Thanks. Yeah, I looked it up, too, and saw that FlightAware has a different code. I had thought that you might have had an official source. I don’t know what data they have to verify it on their end, but hopefully they could.