Always stuck on decompressing files

I have come to the conclusion that I can’t download MSFS202 at all. The last update I had was 5 and my sim worked just fine, and 0 issues downloading from Steam.

Then Sim update 6 came. Steam wouldn’t update my sim on my PC at all. I accidentally hit the check integrity of files in Steam and unfortunately realized that I had to download the whole 133gb sim again. Tried to redownload and ran in to my sim getting stuck on compressed files not even 5% in the download.

Then I followed everybody’s instruction about the Xbox App. I got MSFS on Xbox Gane Pass, and Microsoft Store. There the download got to about 50% and then got stuck on the fs.base files. Deleted the files in the drive and tried the download again. The download would keep looping. I got a VPN service that someone mentioned on FB and tried that. Didn’t work at all.

I’m really fed up in all of this. I paid for the deluxe version on Steam and can’t enjoy my favorite sim. Not sure what to do and I can’t get a refund from Steam. I even did a whole reinstall of Windows 10 and changed all of the permissions. Still no luck.

Do you meant World Update 6? Sim Update 6 is still in beta and not available on Steam. As for the download loops, they happen to just about everyone. The only thing you can do is shut it down, go into the Official folder and delete anything that’s not a folder, then start again. I’ve had to do that as many as four times to get an update.

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I meant the Workd Update 6 sorry. It’s late here lol.

I also tried the Net Limiter 4 approach and same. Didn’t work

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How i finally got my sim installed after a fresh install of windows 10 was to disable Nvidia control pannel before hand I had the same problems as you before i done this

I have had the download loops many, many times, lately it seems more stable. When it gets stuck, it worked for me to hit ALT + F4 and restart MSFS, it usually continues from the point it got stuck, have to repeat this over and over sometimes.

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How do I disable the control panel? Appreciate the response

Go into ya task bar where ya clock and apps are docked ect right click the Nvidia control panel and click exit what stopped all the download looping for me

Good luck