Am I cut out of the program

I was away for a while and now I can’t open the program. Am I cut out.


this can be worst situation that I mentioned and recommend to many users that they want take some break and return in future after some fixes. You can’t be sure what this product will offer to you in future. Maybe you can only completely uninstall and instal as is recommended. Zendesk is place about steps and solutions.

I think I understand what your post is about from your message history as it’s all related to the Alpha version. Your last post was May 18, 2020 for Alpha 3.

If so, then yes. This program ended and you will need to purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator either from the Microsoft Store, an XBOX subscription or from Steam.

You will need to uninstall the Alpha first. There are instructions in the Alpha forum but you will need to get your Alpha Tag back. Post a message in this thread that you lost your Alpha tag:

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