Amazing Flight to LUKLA (VNPL to VNLK)

Started my flight from VNPL about 13nm from LUKLA (need to cross a ridge at around 10,000ft).
Great View of the Everest Region (if the mesh was a little accurate you could see 6 of the highest peaks)

Lukla Airport in View


Landed (With view of peaks :Karyolung [6511m] and Nupla [5885m] )

Booked a place here for plane spotting, snacks and beverage

I guess I had too much or Altitude Sickness kicked in, cause I started to see amazing things !!! Airbus trying to repeatedly takeoff from the tiny strip :smile: , traffic jams !!!

It was a great adventure. Wonderful work ASOBO/MS


I stopped half way up the runway in the Diamond TDI, and it didn’t have enough power to get up the rest of the way … some creative taxiing ensued :laughing: Next time I finish the roll-out at the top!

It has happened to me a couple of times before, in-fact I have fallen backwards from the cliff :smile: . I just keep the power just so it climbs the hill. Wonder if this really happens in real life too?!!

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