AMD 3700x / RX 5700 , 16GB RAM , 512 gb SSD , Good enough for 2k 30fps?

Costco has an HP Omen 25L on sale for $1099 .

Yup, you should be okay with those specs. The only thing I would watch out for is cooling. Prebuilt PCs are notorious for cutting costs in this area.

Thanks .
It’s a hot box for sure .
This video shows it looks playable at 2k Medium and Ultra in non crowded areas but some stuttering
(Video is 5700 xt , Costco is just 5700 .)

Should be good. I’d think about 32GB of ram, but before I did anything else I’d add some good cooling. The color scheme is wacky, but who cares? Silent too…

By the way, I have a 5700XT. As long as you are not jammed up in a tight case you’ll be a-okay. The fans can get a bit noisy at 100%, but mine rarely run past 50%

some cooling solutions for Omen 25L on you tube .

I think some models came with Cooler Master AIO Liquid Cooling .

Yes. Some tweaking of settings will run fine1440p.