AMD Radeon Drivers (6xxx series)

If the latest Drivers 22.01.x & 22.02.x are causing CTD.

I’d advise starting with this Adrenalin 21.10.2 Recommended (WHQL) if you are having or suddenly start CTD.

However, the 21.11.x & 21.12.x did seem to be functioning well too.
I’m running a 6800xt

Better add that I’m Win10, 21H2, 19044.1566
and only experience ctd with the 22.xx.xx series drivers.

you may want to clear the shader cache using the radeon software - sometimes it helps with the CTD’s (i have 6800xt also and using the 22.2 for win10). hope it helps.

I’ll give it a try, thanks.

Havent had any CTD’s with the new drivers. But if i do ill provide an update
Powercolor 6800xt Red Devil

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I’ve stuck with the 21.12.1 driver for my 6900xt. I have this weird issue with later drivers. When I click the “task view” button on the task bar, task view opens and there’s a strange artifact on my desktop picture that’s in the background. The lower-right-third of the desktop picture is completely broken. You can’t see the picture and instead there’s jumbled colored horizontal lines in the picture’s place. This only happens when in task view mode.

There must be a bug with the later drivers so I won’t use them. I always install and try the newest drivers but this issue persists so I go back to the 21.12.1 driver and all is well again.

A quick google search and I can see other people have reported this issue (not for amd graphics) and it seems to be a driver issue with a 4K monitor. See here for a picture of what I was trying to describe if interested.

Thanks for suggestion. I had hopes after a 30min flight in the F18, but after a msfs restart and going with the Longitude, had a ctd on clicking fly now.

Going back to 21.12.1 which are stable and run msfs just fine.(everything else too)
Something changed with 22.xx.xx drivers and affects my particular build. I’ll keep bug reporting it to amd.

22.2.3 6800XT haven’t seen a problem.
Did do a fresh install after CTD immediately after SU8 update, After which I had some weird DeLuxe updates, as in twice a lot of GB and a tiny 300kb one couple of days ago, but a fresh new install (delete Official folder) always does the trick for me.