AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 22.12.2 (RX 7900) download

This thread is for the discussion of the new AMD driver 22.12.2

Fixed Issues

  • Corruption may be encountered when using Virtual Super Resolution with multi-display configurations.
  • A system crash may be observed when changing display modes with 4 display configurations.
  • While loading Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales™ an app crash or driver timeout may occur after enabling ray tracing settings.
  • Improvements to power usage during hardware accelerated video playback. Further power efficiency improvements are planned for future releases.

Known Issues

  • High idle power has situationally been observed when using select high resolution and high refresh rate displays.
  • Intermittent app crashes or driver timeout may occur when using Radeon Super Resolution with some extended display configurations.
  • Video stuttering or performance drop may be observed during gameplay plus video playback with some extended display configurations.
  • Stuttering may be observed in UNCHARTED™ 4: A Thief’s End during the opening game sequence.
  • While playing Valheim™ an app crash or driver timeout may occur using Vulkan® API. Any users who may be experiencing these issues should select DirectX® API as a temporary workaround.
  • Some virtual reality games or apps may experience lower than expected performance.


eeeekkkkk…. Ok……that’s what I tried to get rid of in the last few days until I got my 6900xt…….as I thought, it’s a driver problem.

Btw this driver was exclusively released for the new rx 79xx series graphics cards.

Well yeah, but it works with the 6000 as well and because I installed my new 6900xt on 23. with the latest driver, I would guess the problem does occur to me too.

Yes, it says that in the thread title.



The reason for my response was that @Sunday748 was using it with a 6900xt which I would not recommend.

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have the 6900xt and the 22.12.2 caused stutters. have gone back to 22.5.1 and these stutters are now gone.