AMD & Reverb G2 users - My happy VR flying settings


Pre-SU5 it was crashes galore and good luck lasting 10 mins without one. Ever since SU5 and a few open XR updates my VR experience is so much better to a point that I have moved from a render scale in the sim of 80% to 100% and 60-70% in OpenXR and I now fly with no issues with motion re-projection.

CTDs are now so rare and hell I can even fly in and out of airports, packed with users, in the 747 with no issues. Before it was just powerpoint time followed by a ctd in 5-10 mins.

Here are my settings/hardware if it helps any frustrated AMD/G2 users out there. (Side note: I do get constant crashes when I connect any of the logitech flight radio/autopilot/switch panels in VR or 2D so if you have issues try flying without them)

Ryzen 9 5900x
Radeon RX6800 (Auto OC’d at 2309 MHz using the radeon software, driver 21.8.2)
64 GB RAM @ 3600
MSI X570 Unify
Reverb G2
Bravo Throttle Quadrant
Thursmaster T-rudder
Thrustmaster T.1600M Joystick

OpenXR Scale - 70%
Sim scale - 100%
Motion Reprojection - On


Am I glad to see you! I just upgraded from a RTX 2060 to a 6900xt and am at sea regarding settings! Any chance you’d be willing to post your Radeon Software settings too? Many don’t line up with Nvidia ones.

installation of GPU 18OCT21
UserBenchmarks: Game 191%, Desk 102%, Work 179%
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X - 99.9%
GPU: AMD RX 6900-XT - 194.1%
SSD: Intel 660p NVMe PCIe M.2 512GB - 175%
SSD: Adata SU760 512GB - 115.8%
RAM: G.SKILL F4 DDR4 3600 C16 4x8GB - 107.6%

Are you by any chance having trouble with MSFS ? Although I had less than a week’s experience flying with my new 6900_XT in the previous version, I had no where near the CTDs or reboots I’m having now.

I leave my Radeon software settings at default apart from the GPU overclock settings which I set to ‘Auto’ for the GPU.

Haven’t tested sim update 6 yet so I’ll see if anything has changed.

Thanks. I reset the Radeon software to factory defaults except I disabled their image sharpening. It made my gauges unreadable.

Ah yeah I took off sharpening as well, although in my case it just cause more CTDs when it was on. I’ll jump into SU6 today and see if anything has changed.