AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D

True, but going with the Ryzen 7000 will require a new AM5 motherboard and DDR5 memory - costs that add up. Even at 500 euros, the Ryzen 5800X3D can be an attractive option if you already have an AM4 system.

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My X3D has never ran hot with an artic 280mm radiator although the fans were upgraded on day one from stock to artic bionic f140’s👍

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You’re right, moving to AM5, I needed to purchase also the MoBo and RAM, but what I meant is that new gen hardware should make previous gen drop price.

On the other hand, looking at how Apple and Nvidia just recently priced their new products in Europe compared to USA, I fear we will get hugely jacked up prices for Ryzen 7000 and be happy if the 5000 series will not follow suit as well.

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The very latest reviews show the 5800X3D beating the Ryzen 9 7950 in gaming/simulators. I’m pretty sure it won’t beat the new AMD top-tier CPUs (all of which are now APUs) in productivity OR the Ryzen 7 7800X3D in MFS (if and when that SKU finally comes out), but for MFS now and for the foreseeable future, I doubt that it’s wise to wait for the 7000 series.


You might even want a new PSU, as well, because the AM5 motherboards will reportedly be limited to PCIe5, and new GPUs will have PCIe5-specific power cables that include 4 additional small pins to allow bidirectional communication between the PSU and GPU – that is, one wouldn’t need the new PSU immediately but it would be highly advisable when upgrading to an Nvidia 4000 series GPU and, probably, to the new AMD RDNA3 GPUs, too.

To be honest, I’m still perfectly happy with my rig based on a Ryzen 5600x and a RTX 3080, even at 4K.
It’s just that there can be CPU bottleneck in certain situations, which are now even more aparent with DLSS taking some load off the GPU.

I’m not considering to upgrade to AM5 just to have the newest latest, but the 5800x3d I think it’s the best upgrade for me right now and this setup could serve me well for the next years.

Was waiting for Zen4 for a while but now that I’ve seen the same reviews, they convinced me to pull the trigger now on moving to AM4 and 5800X3D from an i9-10900k. No point in waiting around for the rumored 7800X3D another 6 months, then pay a premium on it when it comes out.

My plan is to switch to 7800X3D maybe in a year, after the prices will have come down on the CPU / AM5 boards and DDR5.

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My plan is to switch to 7800X3D maybe in a year, after the prices will have come down on the CPU / AM5 boards and DDR5.

Then, wouldn’t it make more sense to get an AM5 platform right away (with a CPU like the 7600X, which is still excellent in MSFS) so that you can easily replace the CPU when the 7800X3D is released?
It just doesn’t make sense to me to invest in AM4 right now if you plan to purchase AM5 CPUs when they are released in less than 6 months.

Yeah I thought about that option, I guess I personally prefer the instant gratification of the maximum immediate improvement rather than waiting an unknown amount of time for the 7800X3D. This way will let me stretch the 5800X3D for maybe a year until I’m ready to upgrade. And I’ll sell the AM4 Mobo/CPU/RAM anyway when the time comes so I won’t lose out too much.

It’s not just the 7800X3D that many of us will want to wait on. The prices of AM5 motherboards and DDR5 RAM are sky high at this point, and they’re expected to come down in price significantly within several months. I’m another user who will probably simply upgrade from 5800X to a 5800X3D now and wait up to a year or two to move to a new AM5 rig. The CPU has decreased to US$50 below MSRP in my area, but I’m hoping and waiting for it to come down a little further

Can’t fault you! I built my 5800x3d system last month, yes was a bit gutted finding out all the new stuff was about to drop but then I thought no I’m not Asus only added a bios fix in may this year to address stuttering and that reminded me how many issues and bugs can crop up in new stuff. It’s enough trying to get msfs running correctly at the moment I’d hate to think I threw a new board,ram,CPU and GPU into the mix aswell and wait for patch after patch so in a year or 2s time they were all stable.

I’m happy knowing there’s been a lot of real world testing gone on before I bought all my hardware. So peace of mind the systems going to be solid on day one. I’ll worry about the next gen when all those kinks have been ironed out in a year or 2 :+1:


That is very logical if you are already using an AM4 platform.

I was referring to a situation in which he was coming from a completely different platform. Even if I agree that AM5 is now expensive, I would suggest that he wait two months till prices have decreased and get the AM5 platform then. Already rocking an i9-10900k that should be no problem.


Hi, anyone using this CPU, I’m just installing mine now, so I need the 8 and 4 pin power on the motherboard, or is that just for a cpu that would want more power for overclocking?

Should be ok on 8 pin only and will be stable also, I have the 5800x, the 4 pin makes no difference to stability unless extreme oc

The 4pin isn’t needed except for extreme overclocking. Most casual users don’t need this, and given the limited overclocking of the 5800X3D, you definitely don’t need this.

Unlike other Zen3 processors, the 5800X3D has a very limited clock boost.
In fact, when benchmarked with MSFS, it is clocked at 4.3G-4.4GHz and around 80W in most cases, because there is no way to directly increase the clock, even with Ryzenmaster, etc.
Therefore, the power usage does not increase much.

GPUs, for example, require hardware to have all pins wired, regardless of whether they are used or not.
As for the 5800X3D (I can’t guarantee it), I don’t think the power supplied by the additional pins is needed for the CPU.

If the 5800X is operational, it will work as well, but since it requires a firmware update, it would be best to check the motherboard for compatibility.

Thanks all, I just went with the 8pin. Didn’t have time after building yesterday so just started the download. So I should be able to test out the 5800x3d in about 2 weeks…