AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D

I have that ram and a 5800x3d, and evga 2080 super. They work well together. I also have a R5900x and I swap back and forth after each SU to see which has best performance. I have found the 2 about equal. True you can’t oc the 5800x3d.

Yep, that would be the Gskill Trident Z Neo series. It’s a good RAM (I have it), but the whole “optimized for AMD” description is mainly a marketing term to justify a slightly premium price. The RAM you picked out is good, and shouldn’t give any issues.

You should be able to simply enable XMP to get the advertised 3600 Mhz speed. Most motherboards should automatically increase Vsoc voltage when running speeds over 3200 Mhz.

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So would the 5900X be a better choice for MSFS2020 to OC for increased clock speed or is clock speed offset by the V-Cache on the x3D? Just trying to understand if higher clock speed will win over the L3Cache

Since the 5800X3D cannot lower the VCache voltage from 1.35V, AMD has prohibited direct changes to the CPU clock multiplier.
Some motherboard manufacturers (MSI) offer the ability to overclock without changing the CPU multiplier by changing the base clock, but this feature is for experienced overclockers and is a bit severe.

I also used a kit that is Trident-Z but guarantees operation with 4 cards. This is because there is a stability issue with the simultaneous use of four dual-rank memory cards.

Actually I have found msfs will CTd with any oc I have tried on the 5900x. It’ll auto boost itself to 4.85 or so on 2 or 3 high use threads. I haven’t seen any performance improvements to msfs back when it would oc before SU 9

I have an asus x570-p and a 750 watt ps

It is not 5900X, but I have the results of a test I did with 5950X and 5800X interchanged on the same PC, if that helps.
Peak clock does not determine everything in MSFS.

I’m anxious to see how your system performs on SU10. Will you let me know. Thanks

I believe I’m on DDR4-3200; faster should be possible :smiley:

Good to know because my i9-9900k at 5.0 GHz is underwhelming in MSFS2020

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I’m on the beta and both chips run pretty darn good. Best experience I have had since launch day.

The EVG X570 DARK has the ability to OC automatically in the BIOS seeking the optimum stable setting for your CPU. That may be the best alternative for now. I thought about holding off for the AM5 platform but the pricing I am seeing for mobos and the lack of a yet to be announced X3D chip has steered me to stay with AM4 for now. More money for 4090 GPU.

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The X3D family of Zen 4 Ryzen 7000s is rumored to launch in Q1 2023, but no official word from AMD yet. I suspect this rumor is true, as AMD will likely rely on the X3D versions of Zen 4 to better compete with Intel’s upcoming Raptor Lake. Most leaked benchmarks of Zen 4 seem to put it nearly head to head with Raptor Lake, so an easy +10-20% uplift in gaming from L3 would be a massive win.

I don’t think there is a CPU in the world yet that is not overwhelmed by MSFS in very congested areas. This will probably not be solved by processors in the near future.
Both the Intel13 and AMD7000, shipping in the near future, are good performers.
However, in MSFS, I believe that neither CPU will probably outperform the 5800X3D in frame jitter and average FPS.
They may both outperform each other at the lowest FPS.
Only the rumored 7nnnX3D will outperform the 5800X3D in MSFS. There is no reason for it to be below.
(All of this is just my opinion on MSFS)

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You are not going to have to overclock a 5800X3D. I’ve been running MFS with a 5800X and an RTX 3080 on ultra settings, except for LOD and traffic where I exercise just a little restraint, and the rig is never CPU bound. And I air cool the CPU with a Noctua NH-U12A. I think that your choice of an Arctic Liquid Freezer is correct, but a 420 is massive overkill. I truly believe that an Arctic 280 or even a 240 will cover the 5800X3D in MFS just fine.

You might want to take a look at this thread and follow the posts by Grabber523. You want high-end hardware for MFS if you can afford it, but, like he says, you can run this sim on a potato if you adjust the graphic settings optimally.

I am currently running a 5600X also cooled with the Noctua U12A and also running a RTX 3080.
Now that the SU10 is out with DLSS I’m looking to the 5800X3D to keep up with the GPU.
Do you think the U12A is well capable to cool the 5800X3D ?

I am using 5800X3D (360mm AIO water cooled) + 3090. I originally changed to 5800X3D with a 5950X config.

Since these processors are created with the same generation technology, there is no need to consider the cooling system separately depending on the CPU model number, only the power consumption if you are not doing extreme boosting.
If the actual power consumption is the same, they will generate the same amount of heat.

Therefore, it is natural to target 105W TDP and 142W PPT for thermal management. Both are with 5800X.
It is not possible to say which is enough or not enough, but in general it is natural to think that the same level of thermal management as 5800X is necessary.
There are reviews of the 5800X+Noctua NH-U12A in various places. I can’t vouch for them, but I think they are generally okay.

The positive for ease of thermal management is the low heat generation due to the greatly limited clock boost, and the negative is that the cache chip is on top.
In total, we judge the difference to be not much.

I think it will, and I intend to find out fairly soon. The X3D is now down to $399 (in-store price) and in stock at the Micro Center near me. It might come down in price a little more in the next 6-7 weeks. When it does, I’ll install it under the Noctua cooler and move to a 280mm Arctic Liquid Freezer IF the Noctua isn’t up to the job. The rated TDP of the X3D is the same as the 5800X at 105, but that doesn’t mean it’ll put out the same amount of heat in MFS OR that the U12A will be inadequate even if that figure is higher than for the 5800X. In fact, at 9:10 in this Gamers Nexus video, you see the 5800X3D using 15% LESS power than the 5800X at the same workload. I think it’s very likely that the Noctua U12A will cool the X3D. Fingers crossed.

Since msfs is a very cpu heavy title and very memory dependent, 5800x3d with its l3 cache is the best cpu you can get for msfs by far, it’s significantly faster than any other currently available cpu. Star Citizen is also a perfect example where 5800x3d gives a big fps boost if you’re cpu limited.

Looking forward to hearing some feedback on your experience with the 5800X3D.
I think in Europe we’ll need to wait a lot longer for the prices to drop.
So far it hasn’t moved from around 500 Eur in most retailers. I’m not buying at this price when the 7000 series is just around the corner.