Amelia Earhart Project - Dominican Rep. to Princess Juliana Int

Hello pilots! Continuing with our Amelia Earhart’s Unfinished Journey, we return to last Saturday’s mission at the destination,
Cibao International Airport (MDST) in the Dominican Republic.
The double route of the flight that began in MIAMI is already regrouped and we will continue like this until the geography invites us to another double route.
Our destination this time takes us to the Princess Juliana International Airport, in the Caribbean.

Departure Dominican Republic: MDST

Time: 22 UTC (We have pilots from Europe and America, this is to accommodate everyone)
Server: EastUSA
Stops: 4 obligatory technical stops to refuel and fill the glasses :slight_smile: (especially the latter).
Flight plan: It will be published prior to the flight in the corresponding Discord channel.

In-game time: TBD
In-game weather: TBD
Aircraft: C208 or similar
Duration approx. of the flight: 2:40 hrs.

Don’t forget to join the channel “MSFS 2020 - Now Flying” to chat during the flight.

English speakers, don´t be shy to join us, it looks like we are fighting when we talk, but we aren´t. XD

See you this Saturday!
Amelia’s project will stream on Twitch.


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