American Airlines Virtual Airline for Xbox [Shut down now]

I would like to join invalid link

Can I have a link? Thanks :slight_smile:

link does not work

Im trying to join the Va via the discord link but it wont work

…sounds like they’re having trouble getting this off the ground



hello may i have the link to apply/join if still available? TIA

If you’re still looking for an Xbox friendly VA, FreeFly is hiring! :slight_smile:

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We actually had a good run for a few months and then i guess people lost interest and stopped bothering to fly for the hours and ranks and file the PIREPs. Also had some internal issues so decided to shut it down.

Ill take it i wasn’t a VA for xbox night as well do it myself

Hello Wepwawet5. Welcome to MSFS 2020! I’m on XBox x. Retired, live in Alaska. A Co-Pilot in the Forum.


Good morning AirborneVet. How are you? Upgraded to the XBox series X.


Hey man nice to meet you. I am an aspiring pilot currently can’t afford it and got denied the loan so i fly on sim. I live in ny about 15 minutes from JFK been flying all my life as a passenger since the continental a310 days hopefully one day i can afford the 100k too behind a commercial pilot. Currently on xbox series s saving to move to pc because i really want to fly vatsim and some of the exotic liveries for the 737s. If you have the infrastructure for a VA for xbox I’ll gladly put in the work to getting it running i really want a VA without having to wait until i get a PC

Hey mate,
I’m the author of this thread/post. I’m happy to work with you to help you set the VA up if you are interested. I have all the resources as i was the one in charge of it all. Let me know.

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May I have it? I’m a PC user

Yes absolutely

Yup dm me sorry about the late reply

Good morning Wepwawet. Wow, nice. Had a student, and pilot license back in the mid 60’s. Lost it all due to motorcycle accident.
Not really interested in VA,also can’t afford them. We can still fly together though. Using the a320 Airbus.


Sure will once i pay my subscription you’ll catch me in the SWA b738 usually under callsign swa703 typically im in between KBWI-KLGA-KMDW-KHOU-KCOS or KBZN