American Airlines Virtual Airline for Xbox [Shut down now]

Shut down due to internal conflicts. If somebody wants to start one and needs all the resources including the route table dm me.


hello grayishsheet984 i tried using the link to discord but found it was invalid and i am interested in joining if you have a diffrent link?

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Same here! Tried the link to no avail, I’m also interested in coming onboard :muscle:t4:

Hey mate! Have you been able to access it yet?

I tried it and couldn’t get through the link either.

Ill post a new one. American Airlines VA this should be valid.

Hey this discord invite did not work either. Do you have another one that you can send?

I would also like to join.

I would like to join too @GrayishSheet984 but the discord link is not working


Hello, I would like to join also! When I click on the link, says safari can’t find it. This is an iPad. But I fly msfs on an XBox s

Would like to also join!! Seems like there is a lot of interest :slight_smile:

@GloomyLake935 @Kastlerok7424 You both have discord? I am down to join both of you

Sorry, no I don’t have discord. I’m on xbox

Id like to join as well. seems the discord link is invalid on the website

Why is everyone rejecting Xbox users ? They act like it’s a fkn real airline… :man_facepalming:t2:

Any active VA accept console players?
I found but they seem to be inactive, cause they don’t answer any applications.

Best regards

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I’m the CEO of frontier Virtual for xbox if you want to join send me a PM and i drop you the link! Not very active but i fly very regular in the US


Because most VAs use third-party programs for PIREPS like they’ve been doing for years, which means not compatible with Xbox. But carry on with your petulant whining.

■■■■, i was just asking :unamused:

I am interested in joining, but the discord link is invalid. @GrayishSheet984

Hello Hightower. There is a voice chat system in MSFS. Add me to your friends list and I can help you, if you like. I’ll add you to mine.