Amusing, Interesting WayPoints Encountered

Ran into a few interesting and amusing Nav Points as I worked out a few Low-Alt IFR plans today.

NIMOY off Logan (KBOS) - Leonard Nimoy a.k.a. Star Trek’s Spock - who grew up in Boston’s West End. Other regional amusing nearby waypoints included CHWDH, CELTS, FENWY, HAVRD, PLGRM

Did a quick flight from St. Pete to Lakeland, home of the famous annual Sun N’ Fun Aerospace Expo. If you select Runway 9, the Nav Points read in order as you approach the threshold ARSHW-FLYEN -SUNFN. Never flew IRL in Florida so it’s quite amusing to me.


A rather interesting one for me. There is a en route fix over at KCLE called LEBRN.

Of all the ways to honor a basketball player, an airport fix is a very unique one.

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I’ve seen a bunch. The only one that comes to mind was VOODO near New Orleans

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There’s UVAVU in NE England, near the hometown of a certain well known comedian :wink:

Not quite amusing, but my favorite are on the Freedom5 and Trups4 arrivals into KDCA

Aircraft flying the Freedom route to National from the northwest pass through waypoints named “WEEEE,” “WLLLL,” “NEVVR,” “FORGT” and “SEP11.” Those flying the Troops route from the southwest pass through waypoints named “USAAY,” “WEEDU,” “SUPRT,” “OOURR” and “TRUPS.” Depending on the runway configuration, aircraft might also pass through waypoints named “STAND” and “TOGETHER” or “LETZZ,” “RLLLL,” “VCTRY” and “HEROO."

This website also has a lot of good ones!

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