An odd issue only with DX12

I tried searching the forum but didn’t find anything related. I’ve noticed a very strange issue in VR when using DX12.
If I alt tab to another window (focus on something else), FPS goes up by about 5-10fps. When I focus back to the sim, fps drops. With DX11, this does not happen.
Nvidia control panel settings are all correct.
Process scheduling makes no difference (Programs and Background Services).
Recently installed OS.

Can someone else test this?

4090 (latest drivers)
32gb 3600mhz
Reverb G2

Is there a reason to use DX12? It is not yet mature, compared to DX11.

I find I get less micro stutters with DX12

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For us AMD graphics users, there’s the availability of FSR which is not in DX11.

As of today, DX12 is way better in this sim than DX11 (in my opinion) now that I have a 4090 and i9-13900k…so smooth. (primarily because DLSS3 / Frame Generation vs DX12 or DX11… but still).

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This a VR thread. We don’t get frame generation in VR.

I get crashes when switching to VR (G2) under dx12.