An open letter to people posting ambiguous thread titles

Please tell us what your thread is about in the title. That’s what a title is.




I have been on the forums for a year now, I have seen at least 6 open letter threads.

Please seal your letters, the postman would appreciate it.


Or titles like “I finally did it!” or “Have you seen this yet?”



Absolutely agree. It’s just click-bait.

The trouble will be that even if such posters read this thread, they will ignore it, and the thread itself will just disappear into the archives.

I don’t know if the moderators should consider adding a sub-title if they consider it advisable? The OPs may not like it, but they’ve only themselves to blame.

The Code of Conduct provides the following guidelines on topic titles:

Topic Titles

Be mindful with topic titles. The title should be clear in its intent and focus on the topic at hand. The following is prohibited:

  • Demanding MSFS or Asobo staff to read your post (e.g. “Asobo Read Now”)
  • Calling out community member names directly
  • Petitioning for votes
  • Using all caps throughout your title

If a member is found to have participated in such actions, they will:

  • Have their post title changed
  • Receive a formal warning from the moderator staff
  • Have their post be closed or deleted

We also have the ability to alter topic titles that are non-discriptive. If you see a topic with a title that needs addressing please flag it for us, and use the something else option so you can explain the issue with the topic title.

Your post title is just as infuriating. “An Open Letter” as if that somehow elevates the importance of your post. Everything posted here is open and intended for a wide audience. No need to state that.

Your title is also ambiguous. You could have made the body of your message praise those types of post, but your title doesn’t help state your opinion. It just announces you are about to address everyone with you big important opinion.

One of the really tried and true ways is to limit posting capabilities to a bare minimum, and limiting sub-forum access to a “New Users” section until people can show they can be promoted into the wider fora by following the rules. That’s real harsh, but it actually works in many software support boards.

Edited to add: keeping them in the New User forum for a period of time after joining compels them to search the forums for their initial question. It’s not punitive, it’s reinforcing learned behavior.

Ha … Wish i’d thought of that one.


Also if it a Rant, please prefix title with [RANT]
Otherwise I have sift through loads of helpful stuff to get to the entertainment. Thanks.


How about stumbling across a headline pinned to the top of the forum posted by someone named “Royal”. Seems to be coming from the FlyByWire team, and I am aware the A320NX issue is of most concern for many users. But how about including a descriptive title to provide some context as to who posted such announcement?

@RoyalTot is one of our community managers. This banner was posted to inform users that Asobo/MS is working on a native fix for the A320 issue.

Topics can only be pinned or made into a banner (of which this is one), by forum staff listed on this page: