Analog caravan & CTD

well l have been able to load and take off from KEWR once after doing those steps
“deleting the cache (in the game)
Then deleting the content inside the scenery indexes folder
Then deleting the content.xml file
( + DCE inside s file as suggested )
Relaunch with no addons in the community folder and test”
Then closed and added the analog plane
unfortunately OIII as CTD , l think at this point l ll stop my tweaks, continue flying and wait to see what the coming updates (analog one & SU10) ll change

edit 06 september : l crached twice trying to spawn OIZB , so the third time l cleared my cache from the menu and tryed switching from europe west server to north america East server = no CTD …

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Same problem, only with the analog C208.

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wich server are you flying in ? hope with in coming release su10 ll get rid off those CTD, l had no problem during 1st month (as far as l remember) it started at same moment than many people reported ntdll crash issue & memory could not be read issues

80% of the crashes I’ve had in the past week have been in this. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. It’s conflicting with something, I just don’t know what. I am concerned it might be the TDS 750NXI but I’m not sure yet.

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l had ctd with 0 AP and 0 avionics installed, l flew other gtn750 planes with no problem maybe something wrong with weather radar module … it can be so much stuff so l doubt it s gtn750 fault

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I had a much similar experience a couple of weeks ago - I started to have repeatable CTDs while approaching KJFK with any airplane I have. Oddly enough the CTDs did not happen while approaching smaller airports with less traffic (I do not use live traffic btw, only offline traffic mode). Long story short, with the 50 in / 50 out method of checking addons in Community folder, I identified the analogue 208 as the culprit. Removed it, no more CTDs when approaching KJFK. Noted that the CTDs occurred always when I was at approximately half mile distance from the airport. I suspect at this distance the game starts placing and rendering the aircraft on ground and maybe there is something in the analogue 208 that conflicts with the Asobo 208? Could the rendering engine being unable to ‘choose’ between the two? Just my 2 cents…


Might be on to something there perhaps.

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Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft as mod is involved.

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similar scenario here, CTD after launching MSFS right at that white screen. Removed the whole community folder, left only the analog Caravan, CTD again. Removed the Caravan, loaded the whole community folder - no CTD. So these CTD’s are clearly coming from the Caravan. Also removed all the different AP and avionic mods, to no avail. Submitted support ticket to JF but don’t expect too much. Sad, flew exceptionally well the first day and now unusable


l suggest you to try another server, l get to the point l noticed server had impact on the crashes (on top right corner close your xbox game ID you can easly switch )

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Interesting advice, thanks!
I checked my server status within MSFS that was set as ‘Auto’, changed it to a different server the ‘apply and save’, just after that I switched back to ‘Auto’ (noted the now selecter server was different from the initial one)
Then I tried the same flight that was provoking CTDs before (from La Guardia to KJFK flying over downtown NYC, with multiplayer off) and this time no CTD
I made several low altitude passes over KJFK without CTDs, then took the analogue 208 for a series of short hops in San Diego area, no CTDs
So far so good (crossing fingers)
Maybe my CTDs approaching KJFK were indeed due to MS server unable to stream into MSFS all the needed data

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no mods used and its been happening at 4 other airports in Australia as well for me and other players i fly with, thanks

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yep… @NiKoTin3420 summarized already that it seem somewhat with the mod analog caravan itself. Which part cause that, was not found, so far I understood.

well , it s not easy to say what really generate conflict, l don’t have all knowledge but it s appear to not be avionics conflict as l was previously supposing, weather radar neither, Devs sent me various files to discard hipothesis.

I ’ m still daily in touch with a dev, trying to find out the source of those conflict, sincerely hope we will find soon as i feel we are getting closer. (like I hope my case is the same problem, than the one you are experiencing)
from the moment this problem only affects a few users , and the devs are not able to reproduce it, it complicates the task.


I,m having the same CTD just for the black square analog mod

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I‘m repeating myself but: i had ctd‘s with it but since uninstalling tds gtnxi: not a single one…

Just to throw in my experience. Had lots of CTDs a month ago with the server troubles, in the analogue caravan and other planes as well. Been flying the caravan a lot the last few weeks with the GNS530 mod - no CTDs at all.

My experience: no more CTDs after I have uninstalled the Caravan. What a pitty.

I had a lot of CTD issues forthe last six weeks with the Caravan and 414. Now, I had a Windows problem that occured recently where it would nof update. MS tech rep suggestd a reinstall of Win 11 and since then, not a single CTD in the sim. My point is, that it might just be more OS than MSFS for some people. Radical maybe, but I have smiled since doing it.

Well after lot of tweaks and after trying all avionics, weather radar & state saving , and some other stuff it look like MSFS does not play well with the simulation variable “WINDSHIELD WIND VELOCITY” present in the flight model of the plane.
For those who want to go ahead, and apply right now the fix they did provide me :

This path can be found 3 times in the AnalogCaravan.xml model file ( usually located at aircraft\bksq-aircraft-analogcaravan\SimObjects\Airplanes\bksq-aircraft-analogcaravan\model)

line 362 , 380 and 2261

(I suggest using shortcut ctrl + F to find all occurences easier )


so you should have something like this after the editing :
" @TorqueBloomSpeed (A:RELATIVE WIND VELOCITY BODY Z, feet per second) 0.592484 "

This must fix CTD on approach or at some airport spawning that some users are encountering with the analog caravan.

In the hopes this gworks for most of you, just want to remind everyone, a patch will show up very soon from what Devs told me (before end of this week), so maybe it s not worth editing it.
If you are going to edit this xml I highly recommend to make a save before.