Ángel Albino Corzo/Tuxtla Gutiérrez Airport (MMTG) Missing

Hi! An Airport in the mexican state of Chiapas is missing (MMTG). It is an international airport and it is actually located in coord. (16.560408, -93.020364). Years ago, there was an airport MMTG but it is now closed and the game seems to take that one as the MMTG. Are there any ways where this airport can be added to the game?

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Is there any update yet on this issue?

I reported this to Microsoft back in Sept 2020.
Customer Support said it had forwarded the bug to their tech team and then proceeded to close the ticket. Go figure!


I flew to this airport today, at least I tried to. The closer I got to the ‘airport’ it became clear some things were off. Elevation for example, runways. Luckily with the Caravan no problem’s to big too handle.

FS shows MMTG on the map but the airport you eventually end up is Llano San Juan Airport.

MSFS uses an outdated MMTG (“Francisco Sarabia”).
The NEW one (“Angel Albino Corzo Tuxtla Gutierrez”) uses the same ICAO… and there is no way to fly there (No proc for the old one, no airport at the new location… and no way to coorect as you can’t have 2 identical ICAO).

MS/ASOBO we need your help :wink: