Animated flags

Did anyone figuer out how to create animated flags?
Comparing with the windsock sample folder makes me think the flags might have to be set the same way.
Any suggestions?

Yes, that is one way of doing them.

I wish someone would figure it out. Seeing a flag frozen not moving in the wind is idiotic. I cant believe they would leave something so important off this sim. Even truck simulator has flags blowing in the breeze.

animated flags have been done and available for download:

Yeah I have that installed, yet my flags are as rigid as the Apollo moon flags. Do you know of any freeware airports currently using this?

Here is my problem with all the mods , now you are asking users to download extra files. Some users dont have a lot of space , some dont pay attention.
I saw he explained how to do it. When i have more time i guess i will add them to my sceneries

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Thanks. I already have all those libraries installed, luckily.