Animation Bug?

It don’t seem to matter which plane I fly in, when I bank left or right the plane just banks, there is no aileron movement up or down. I am just curious if this was intentionally left out to save memory space or whatever or if it is a bug. IDK but I didn’t notice it the first few days the game was out, but now it is really bugging me :joy:

The aileron is very precisely animated. Not sure why you’re not seeing it.


While on the ground, and not moving, try going to the external camera, and try full deflection in both directions while watching the wings.

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I’ll have to check that out but in flight when banking with TBM they are most definitely not moving lol

ok… i just did a full hold the bank button for like 3 seconds to get enough bank to see them move. I guess banking at only 5-10 degrees is not really enough to see them move in game.