Animations stop with LODs applied


I’m trying to make a scenery XBox compatible and therefore created LODs for all my models, including some animated characters.
Here I have the lower 3 (of 4) LODs without animation, meaning I export them without animation. Weird thing now is that when moving around it happens at a random that the animations of the highest LOD just stop at a random frame and won’t pick up again from there when moving closer again.

Console is complaining about missing animations for the lower LODs (of course as it’s defined in the XML but doesn’t apply for the lower LODs) but that shouldn’t stop MSFS from continuing playing the highest LOD’s animation again as soon as it’s loaded again?

Strange, I too have a model with animation included only on LOD0, (1,2, and 3 exported without the animation) same as you but I have no problems… console doesn’t request missing animations either.

What does your xml file look like?

That’s weird! I tried to replicate the problem today while taking a video of it and the problem didn’t show.
I will report back once I see it again and can take a video of it.