Announce clear of runway

If you are at an uncontrolled airport you are able to announce clear of runway. (either after landing or take off)

But you can only do so for a very short while. If you taxied too far, or are too high up in the air the option disappears. (I should add that currently the option is removed as soon as you are about 15m/50ft above the ground or if you just crossed the hold short markers)

Can you please keep the option longer? Perhaps just add it to the other new options that become available, but keep it longer.

Unless things have changed radically in the FAR/AIM, there’s no reason to announce clear of the runway on takeoff; only on the ground after landing when leaving the active runway - “Dash across the line…”.


If true, it makes sense that the option disappears. I guess it shouldn’t be available then if you announced a take off.

Still it also disappears to soon if you exit the runway. :slight_smile:

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I’m a RW pilot and yes, I agree that the option to announce “Clear of the Runway” after landing when on the taxiway after crossing the hold-short line, should be available after you cross the hold-short line taxing away from the runway. In the sim at present (I’m in version, either it doesn’t appear at all or at least, by the time I stop past the hold-short line and look for it, the option isn’t there. That’s not realistic.

You should NOT announce “Clear of the Runway” till after you have taxied in past the hold-short line because actually you’re not considered “clear” if part of your aircraft is still on the “runway side” of the hold-short line:
As per the AIM 2-3-5.(a).(1): An aircraft exiting a runway is not clear of the runway until all parts of the aircraft have crossed the applicable holding position marking.

In addition, at non-towered airports the option to announce “Clear of the Runway” should continue to remain available for the pilot to announce while continuing to taxi to parking. In the sim’s native ATC, this option isn’t being given presently.

I agree also with the previous poster that you should NOT announce “Clear of the Runway” after takeoff i.e. while in the air. You should have stated your intentions (remaining in the pattern, departing to the north or whatever direction, etc.) when you did your announcements before your takeoff roll.


Since SU5 was released months ago, I have never seen the Announce Clear Of Runway option appear in the ATC window. Before SU5, it always used to appear, even before taxing past the hold short line. I always clicked that option every time I taxied past the hold short line, but it has never appeared on the list of ATC options since SU5 for me.