Announced heightmap feature MISSING

So, did maybe the Developers forget about the DevUpdate given less than one week ago?
Because THIS

Is the thing that I was waiting for, like many other scenery makers. If not the tools we expected it was at least some good start to add a decent terraforming instead of placing squares with one directional slopes.

Now, the more I look to the release notes of the SDK, and at the documentation, and the more I feel like fooled around because there is no track of it at all.

If I missed something, which I don’t think so, just point that out, but this to me is a clear sign of disrespect, mostly because it could have been AT LEAST mentioned in the release notes that the feature was not ready yet and would have slipped forward.

Just sayin’, nothing more than my small, insignificant 2 cents.

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I think they are saying that they are working on it, but it isn’t implemented yet. It could have been clearer though

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That’s the point. It should have been A BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT more clear because, tbh I released a scenery, a payware, in which the description said that I was gonna add a better terrain with this new tool coming by the end of the month.

Now I had to rush to delete that part and maybe let someone WHO PAID for it down. So yeah, it should have been a bit clearer

Yeah I 100% agree with you. That’s not a situation that’s fun to be in.

It should have been clearer. Honestly maybe a bold message saying not coming this patch or something like that could make things super clear?

They didn’t include the CPU optimisation either, unless I missed it…