[ANNOUNCEMENT] Navigation & Flight Planning eBook | FSNAVTc

Navigation and Flight Planning in MSFS 2020 is the new eBook to help you take your Flight Simulator skills and experience to the next level.

This 200 page guide will lead you through the steps used to plan and navigate flights, and fly both precision and non-precision approaches. Packed with over 150 illustrations and numerous MSFS flight examples, the eBook will become a reference you’ll use over and over again.

Topics covered in the book:

  • Introduce the basics of air navigation using both ground based and satellite navaids.
  • Provide familiarization with analog navigation instrumentation, much of which is still applicable in modern aircraft
  • Provide familiarization with the modern glass cockpit, using the Garmin G1000 as a starting point
  • Learn how to use an autopilot for navigation and landing approaches
  • Understand the charts, maps and diagrams used for flight planning
  • How to plan a flight in MSFS 2020
  • Fly a precise route using VOR or GPS navigation
  • Fly a non-precision approach using VOR or RNAV
  • Fly a precision instrument landing using ILS

The eBook is now available on his website, https://flightsimnav.com and on leading flight sim stores.
For questions or support, contact the author at: https://flightsimnav.com/contact/

Happy flying!

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